New Patients

Your first appointment

Before your appointment
All patients are required to fill out a medical history form before being seen alerting us to any special medical needs you may have and allowing us to give you the best medical care possible

In the Surgery
Your initial appointment with your dentist will be a full oral examination in which your dentist will check the health of your gums, teeth and tongue including oral cancer screening, review your medical history and discuss any concerns or goals you have concerning your oral health.

It is also normal routine to take two small Bite Wing x-rays allowing us to take a look beneath the surface of your back teeth and therefore giving us a chance to predict any problems before they get too big or cause you pain. Your dentist will then give a printout of any treatment you need and a personal estimate.

What next?
If you wish to continue with any recommended treatment your care co-ordinator will be happy to book the appointments at your earliest convenience.

Medical History Form (PDF download)